4 Things I Will Keep From Lockdown

Tomorrow marks 100 days of lockdown in the UK and while restrictions are starting to lift, it still feels like we are a long way from normal.

I want to try and pull out some positives and things that I will continue to do differently, while in no way trivialising how devastating this time has been for so many of us personally, financially, emotionally.

I’m not a Counter

This may seem slightly ironic given that this blog has been prompted by 100 days of lockdown, but I’ve found that I am not a counter. It’s not helpful to me to know how many days the restrictions are in place. I just need to know that this is what life is like now and get on with it. I know others need to know how long they have been doing this, but for me, not helpful. There is so much uncertainty still, that I find concentrating on where I am now is more helpful than worrying about what and when I may be able to do over the coming months.

Being outdoors is great

From the beginning of lockdown when we were only allowed out once per day to exercise, I made sure that I did go out everyday come rain or shine (quite literally – one of the best walks was the day that we all got completely drenched, but somehow we all loved it). I was so grateful to that time and found it was a great way to clear the head after a day sitting in front of a screen. Daily time outside is a massive keeper and one thing that could often get pushed off my to do list pre-lockdown.

People are kind

I have got to know my neighbours so much better than I used to as we were no longer dashing around from dawn until dusk. Enforced time at home has fostered an increased sense of community as we look out for each other and the more vulnerable on our street. This is another unexpected benefit of being at home and one that I intend to continue to nurture.

Being less busy is good thing

Now, I did know this already and it is something that I work on a lot with my clients. However, we rarely have enforced periods of not being able to go out whether to work, see family and friends, shop, eat, exercise etc. Lockdown created this environment and I found it very easy to reclarify just what I do and don’t value. Being calmer and quieter suits me. So, moving forward I will make a consistent effort to continue to avoid busyness for its own sake and put all my energies into the things that matter.

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