About Me

I’m Sophie, qualified coach and fellow quiet person.

My mission is to help quiet, introverted teens and their parents understand and embrace introversion as the asset it is rather than as something to be fixed.

I am passionate about raising awareness and increasing understanding of introversion among teenagers, their families and teachers and educational establishments.

As a child, I wondered what was wrong with me as I could be chatty and comfortable in a group of friends, but quiet and unsure on the edge of a large group of people I didn’t know so well. Now I understand that there was nothing wrong with me at all, I am simply introvert, something I’m really proud of as I know that quiet people have unique skills and talents to offer the world. Or introvert superpowers if you will.

I want to empower other quiet people and their families by teaching you how to deal with stress and use your voices to be heard without having to shout; so that you can be happy, successful and fulfilled.

I realise that I have been coaching people for years, before I even knew what it was: listening and supporting others to achieve what they want without judgement – while helping them stay on track. And having experienced coaching myself, I know from personal experience that fundamental, lasting change is really possible; which is I why I love what I do so much.

Previously, I’ve worked in TV Production, Events, Marketing and PR in the UK and Spain, as well as having time off to look after my children. Having been through school, university and different industries as an introvert, I have a good understanding of the pressures that face others. I get it. I am thrilled to have found a vocation that I am passionate about and that allows me to help others.

I am a qualified Stress Management and Resilience Coach and EMDR practitioner.

I am a member of the Association for Coaching and the International Coach Federation, two of the leading regulatory bodies in a largely unregulated industry. This means that you can relax knowing you are in safe hands. I also have a current DBS certificate.

In my spare time I love walking, reading, spending time with my friends and family, and dreaming of my next trip to Spain. I also volunteer for the mental health support line Shout as a Crisis Volunteer.

As a quiet person myself, I understand and really empathise with the challenges that you are facing – I may even have been there myself.

I am really excited that you have found your way here and I hope that Quietosophy® and my approach resonate.

I look forward to hearing from you,