For Parents

Are you concerned that your teen is too quiet? Do you feel that they are missing out on opportunities due to their quiet nature? Maybe everyday activities cause them stress, which can make things difficult for you too. 

I support the parents of quiet, introverted teens as well as the teenagers themselves. This approach allows you to share the same skills and knowledge as your child, which will help you understand them better and give you tools and strategies to support them through their teenage years.

You may also experience some, or all, of the following:

  • Why does your child make a big deal about something that you perceive to be easy such as making a phone call, asking for a bill in a restaurant, talking to new people?
  • You worry that they must be miserable spending so much time alone.
  • Their behaviour triggers unhappy memories of your teenage years
  • Maybe you’re concerned that they don’t have many friends.
  • You feel frustrated that they are missing out on so much.
  • Communication is difficult and you don’t know how best to approach this.

Maybe you feel powerless, frustrated or you just don’t know where to start. 

 As a lifelong introvert, and parent of teenagers I get it, and may well have been in a similar situation.

I offer 1:1 coaching for parents (and for teenagers) as well as expert courses and workshops to help you navigate the teenage years with your quiet, introverted teens.

The Results:

Communication will become easier. You will understand what introversion is (and learn to debunk the introvert myths) and you will be able to challenge the damage caused to your child by being expected to live up to the extrovert ideal. You will also feel more confident to act as an advocate for them and how to explain their quiet nature to the world. Remember, there is nothing wrong with introversion. It doesn’t need fixing.

Through working with you and your teen you will both feel calmer and less overwhelmed.  Your child will learn that there is nothing wrong with them, they don’t need fixing, they are simply introvert. They will learn how to approach different situations with more confidence and know they can use their voice on their own terms. You will feel that you are better equipped to support yourself and your child. These are tools that have lifelong benefits.

Courses & Coaching

Supporting my QUIET CHILD

for parents

For parents to support their children 

Understand and embrace introversion 

This is an online course to help support introverted teens and improve family dynamics by learning about how to work with their introversion.

Contact me to find out more.

1:1 coaching

– for parents

Work with me 1:1 to either complement the course or as standalone support will help you learn tools and strategies to make life easier.  

Coaching is a safe space, where we can talk without judgement and you will identify ways to support your teenager and to manage any stress you may be feeling so the whole family can move forward and thrive. Coaching sessions are solution-focused and practical.

Contact me for more details.