Four Ways to Manage Feelings of Overwhelm

How are things this week? Have you been constructive and calm or have you had moments that have threatened to overwhelm you?

​While it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, it’s not fun and it’s something we could all do without, but often don’t know where or how to start. 

The internal battle between the part of you that wants to make changes to deal with intense stress and the part of you that doesn’t can be exhausting too. Here are my top tips to manage feelings of overwhelm.

Take a moment
Sometimes the thought of change can feel overwhelming in itself. How can you get past that resistance and make the changes that you need to reduce stress and have more better days? Find a quiet moment and think about what you want to change. Why? How important is it to you? Now listen to the voice of resistance inside you head and ask it what’s stopping you. Notice whatever comes up and start thinking of ways you can challenge what it’s saying.

Take a bird’s eye view
A change of perspective can be the trigger you need to be able to take action. Zoom out of your situation and look at it from above in as much detail as possible. Identify what is in your control and those elements that are outside your control. Concentrate your time and energy on what you can change.

Imagine how you will feel in 3 or 6 months’ time if things have changed
I’m guessing you’ll be feeling like a weight has been lifted, clearer-headed, less frazzled, motivated. In short, just better! Then imagine how you’ll feel if they haven’t changed…

How would you advise a friend?
​If you are still feeling that you are unable to see the way forward, have a think about how you would advise a good friend who is in your situation. Usually we are able to be far more compassionate and objective when supporting others. Give yourself permission to support yourself too.

Finally, the time we spend feeling overwhelmed or stressed is time we don’t get back, so making a plan for change is essential. That way you can start to use your energy and focus on what you want more of in your life.

If you feel like you could do with some support to make changes contact me and we can have a chat.