Through working with Sophie, I realise that there is nothing wrong with being an introvert and being myself is enough. I have a much clearer idea of my values and priorities and find it easier to voice my opinion.


Everyone needs a Sophie!


I am very grateful to Sophie for listening to me and coaching me through the last 4 months when I couldn’t see where I was going. I enjoyed talking to her and discussing the various issues that came up during our sessions. Thank you for all your help.

Sophie is focused, empathetic and great at getting me to think about how best to reach my main goal of feeling more fulfilled. I went away with a plan at the end of each session. The rest is up to me!


I found Sophie very easy to talk to, non-judgemental and understanding. I believe that she has a very professional approach and friendly, approachable style.

Sophie is very pleasant, friendly, professional and easy to talk to. She is a great listener and good at helping me identify positive points rather than negative ones. She gave me time to talk and kept me focused on the things I wanted to deal with. I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sophie very much. I always left feeling upbeat and enthusiastic about the steps I could take to improve my outlook on different situations.

From the moment I met Sophie, she put me at ease straight away and I found it very easy to talk to her. It was clear by the end of our first session that I don’t put myself and my own needs first. Sophie helped me set some objectives and goals and also gave me ideas to help me change my daily routine to ensure I take care of myself.


Sophie is brilliant. Go and see her now! She has really helped me take control of my life over the past few months. Thank you!


Sophie listened, cared and picked up my struggles very quickly and navigated me to safe waters. She gave me the tools to cruise through my storms and to find my own ground. I felt energised and empowered and I was left with few tricks up my sleeves after every session. I’ve now identified my next goal and I am on my way to achieve it. I would never believe how much can be achieved in just a few sessions. I would recommend Sophie’s sessions to all my good friends.

I feel so much happier and less stressed. I know that I have a plan and now approach life in a different way. I have learnt to put less pressure on myself feel I am able to communicate much better with others. Having Sophie as a coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Thank you so much Sophie!  It was a great and rewarding experience! I feel more positive about the life my family leads and more in control. I also feel excited about the future.


Sophie was warm, welcoming and calm. She listened intently to my issues and helped me to reach conclusions on how to change things, she empowered me to move forward in a really positive way. The session left me feeling more in control and able to make some small but significant changes.

When I first came to see Sophie, I was unsure of what to expect, having never experienced coaching before. However, I quickly found that her gentle and friendly manner put me at ease. In the course of a few sessions she guided me through a process of problem-solving ways of managing difficult situations, growing resilience to cope with situations, and planning future ventures. Her pertinent questioning helped me to explore areas I hadn’t analysed before, and drew out answers I didn’t know I had. I highly recommend her!


Working with Sophie was a massive success for me. Her ability to listen and really take on board how you’re feeling, is something that I find to be really quite rare, yet she possesses it in abundance. Furthermore, she has an air of composure and respect for you that immediately makes you feel confident in her company. It took me a while to really open up, but Sophie allowed me to do this in my own time, and was always there for me when I needed her. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone who needs support and guidance in their life.

I started working with Sophie as I had problems with low self-esteem and motivation. But I’m so glad I got in touch and booked a session. Sophie really helped me to get motivated and guided me through the possibilities. The biggest result now is I can prioritize and stay on track. Although it can be a struggle at times like lockdown, I move forward. It has changed the way I view my consequences and the challenges that I come across.

I feel like I have the strength to deal with what life brings my way.

I’d highly recommend Sophie’s service if you need help to get a different and positive view on your circumstances. Her practical advice on self-motivation is a great source of inspiration.


Sophie is a fabulous listener and provides some very astute insights but she’s also great at making me take responsibility and getting commitment to specific actions…turning ‘I could’, into, ‘I will’! Thank you Sophie! I’ve really enjoyed my time with you and will happily recommend you to others requiring similar support. I look forward to our next session!

I went to see Sophie at point where I was feeling blank about what the next steps should be. Sophie helped me to navigate my way to a really positive decision and was both encouraging and insightful. She challenged me to examine things from a different angle but with a warmth that made it enjoyable. Thank you!