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I help quiet people live life on their own terms

Letting go of stress and overwhelm and using your voice to cut through the noise so you are heard; without having to shout.

I offer expert 1:1 coaching to help you embrace introversion.

Our world is geared towards extroverts, and you may even have lost touch with your introvert tendencies as you have spent so much of your life feeling you should be something you’re not.

I hate the word ‘should’! As an introvert you have your own unique skills and talents, which don’t stop you from doing or being anything you want to be. However, you may find, that as a quiet person, the way you have been trying isn’t working for you and you are exhausted by the constant noise and chatter that surrounds you.

This is where I can help

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you find you overthink everything and find it hard to take action?

Do you feel that you are exhausted by trying to keep up with everything?

Do you find it difficult to get your point across?

Do you feel that there is something wrong with and you and you need to be fixed (you don’t!)?

Or are you unsure what to do, but you know that something has to change?

Using my QUIET system as a foundation for both my courses and coaching programmes, a system that is geared to introverts, you will have the time and space to make the changes you need to start living a successful life on your own terms.

Whether you decide to start one of my courses or work with me 1:1, it is a brave and courageous step that acknowledges that things cannot keep going as they are. You will be energised, focused and motivated by what you achieve. Your new skills and new-found clarity will help you day-to-day and whenever life throws a curveball at you.

To find out more have a look at my courses and coaching pages, check out my free downloads, or click here to arrange a time to talk.



Before purchasing a coaching program please read the Coaching Agreement and Coaching Agreement Terms


From Frazzled to Focused

  • Two session introduction to The QUIET System

  • Focused on a particular issue or concern

  • Practical plan to start making changes

Three Month

From Overwhelmed to Optimistic 

  • Exploration of what needs to change

  • Detailed strategy for less stress and more confidence

  • Fortnightly sessions for three months

Six Month

From Stressed to Serene

  • Highest level of support over 6 months

  • Less stress at home and at work

  • Greater clarity, focus and motivation

Before purchasing a coaching program please read the Coaching Agreement and Coaching Agreement Terms